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Armed 11-Year Old Girl Defends Home from 3 Armed Burglars

Many well-meaning people believe that banning guns would make us safer, but my bleeding heart goes out to people like 11-year-old Alyssa Gutierrez, who used one of her family’s guns to defend herself and her family’s house when three armed burglars attempted to break in while young Alyssa was home alone.

Without a gun to protect herself, Alyssa, who was taught how to fire it just days before her home was attacked, would have been a helpless victim, not a proud and empowered defender of home and self. Those are actually Alyssa’s words, who told a local news channel: “I felt proud of myself.”

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Comment by David Jackson
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     Good for her!

     Of course the anti-gun cowards would rather she had been raped and murdered:  It would have given some credence to their pathetic and ludicrous anti-defense "mentality". Understand that, if it's somehow "wrong" to defend one's self, and even more wrong to posses the means with which to initiate a defense, then the abject cowardice of those who are so weak-willed and so quick to allow themselves and their loved ones to be abused (raped and murdered) by the predators amongst us becomes "simply abidding by the social consensus or the legal standard" and not an act of a coward. (The failure to defend the life of a child will always be the most ludicrous and cowardly act of any adult!! The failure to defend one's self is a personal choice and is nobody's business.)

    This young lady is shining example of what a responsible young person can do, if dealt with intelligently by the adults in her life.



Comment by PureTrust
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Now, Powell. You know that our rights are what we make of them. Just because Alyssa doesn't understand the mess she is in or could be in for using a gun. Rights are what you make of them. If those who keep you from exercising your rights are stronger than you, you have lost your rights.

With regard to the right to bear arms, it is a right that upholds itself. There is no Government piece of paper (Amendment) that makes the right to bear arms a right. It is the bearing and using of the arms that makes it a right, and keeps it so.

The 2nd Amendment was a curb to keep the government from being destroyed by the people. If Government doesn't use force to attempt to destroy the rights of the people, the good parts of Government - organization, order and protection from foreign nations - will survive. Otherwise the people will up and destroy Government for attempted infringement on their rights.

So far, the people are mostly doing it the peaceful way - attempting to get Ron Paul elected. But if Government doesn't restrain itself, the Occupys will become violent. Government will be destroyed. There will be a blood bath. And it won't matter, because that is what the Government is starting to do to the people, on its own, for no reason at all, already.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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They would prefer she was arrested under federal laws making it illegal for a child to possess a firearm without a responsible adult present.   And if it is a handgun, arrest anyone under 21.  Cuz, you don't have Rights, just whatever privilege guvmint bestows upon you that is convenient for guvmint at the time.