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Why hold gold in deflation?


First off, happy holidays. I hope this email finds you in good health and cheer.

Down here in Chile, I intend to spend the weekend (and most of next week) doing absolutely nothing but reading, relaxing, and riding horseback with friends around our new 1,000+ acre farm. I’m excited that many readers will soon be joining me.

Personally I’m not much for the holidays. The last two months of the year (starting with Halloween) feel a lot more like forced consumerism– people buying useless trinkets with money they don’t have for the sake of others they hardly know, or for close friends who simply don’t care.

I prefer to opt-out of the whole nonsense and simply tell the people I care about that they’re important to me. On that note, I’m truly grateful for our daily conversations and the many wonderful relationships that this letter has brought.

2012 will undoubtedly be a difficult and challenging year for the global economy. But I can promise you that the world is not coming to an end. The game is simply being reset with a new set of rules.  And whether young or old, rich or poor, the decisive, creative mind will thrive.

It’s overwhelming to see how many people are waking up to reality, educating themselves, and taking action. And I’m truly humbled to play a part in this movement. Thank you for being a reader, and I look forward to our continued conversations.