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Custom Made Home Distillation

• LNL Protekt

Prior to engaging in the process of alcohol distillation please check applicable federal, state and local laws. Most jurisdictions require special permits for the manufacture of an alcohol product.

Home distillation is a simple process by which you can purify water, distill alcohol, manufacture antiseptics or produce fuel grade ethanol. There are several different types of distillation methods available, depending on your specific needs – basic pot stills, reflux stills and the more advanced fractionating stills.

All of our custom made stills are designed as fractionating stills and are capable of producing extremely high quality output by utilizing internal packing that condenses vapor and and prevents impurities from reaching the final product.

There are several materials used in our manufacturing process. We’ve chosen copper as our base metal for our premier units, as it has the unique quality of attracting, and thus filtering, fusel oils and contaminents out of not only ethanol, but water. With copper you’ll be able to obtain the purest output possible without industrial manufacturing processes. That means you’ll be capable of producing pure distilled water and alcohol grades that far exceed traditional home distillation using just pot or reflux stills. Our 100% copper units will produce antiseptic grade (62% or 124 proof) and fuel grade ethanol (94% or 188 proof) distillate output.