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Cuneiform Object Found on Malta

• arclein
the Mesopotamian moon god Sin, the father of Ninurta who, for centuries, was the main deity worshiped far to the east in the city of Nippur in Mesopotamia. Nippur was considered a holy city and a pilgrimage site with a scribal school that generated literary

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Comment by PureTrust
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One hundred years ago, if a scientist of that day had found a piece of computer that was similar to the computers of today, and if he had found it on Malta, and if it was from the ancient Atlantean civilization, would he have enough understanding of electronics to recognize what he had found?

In the same way, if all of our present science is lost, our civilization somehow destroyed, have we left enough of a written record of our science, in the form of language written on long-lasting metals and rock slabs, that, say, 5000 years after our downfall, a scientist of that day would be able to reconstruct our technology? Or would everything we have now, be lost entirely to decay?