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Militarists, Drug Warriors, and Heresy-Hunters: The Anti–Ron Paul Axis of 'Decency'

• Grigg

Newt Gingrich, lapsed adulterer, impenitent warmonger, and self-appointed "teacher of civilization," has excommunicated Ron Paul and his supporters from the ranks of human decency. A similar anathema has been pronounced by left-wing heresy hunter David Neiwert – a former sidekick to the degenerate fraud named Morris Dees – and many other self-appointed political "watchdogs."

Those banishment decrees condemn Dr. Paul and his supporters for rejecting the fundamental tenet of statism – the belief that officially sanctioned lethal coercion is the key to social progress.

"I think Ron Paul's views are totally outside the mainstream of virtually every decent American," insisted Gingrich in a CNN interview. Although Gingrich alluded to the manufactured controversy over decades-old newsletters published by Dr. Paul that contained supposedly offensive material dealing with matters of political correctness, Gingrich’s chief complaint – which he has reiterated on many occasions – is that Dr. Paul seeks to end America’s interventionist foreign policy and the God-awful wars that policy entails.

Gingrich has also dismissed Dr. Paul’s constituency as being limited to "people who want to legalize drugs." Unlike Gingrich – who used government-proscribed cannabinoids as a young adult – Ron Paul has never used such illicit substances nor condoned their non-medical use, while understanding that no government has the moral right to punish individuals who consume them as they see fit. In 1988 – at a time when, according to Gingrich and other detractors, Paul was peddling racist propaganda – Dr. Paul was denouncing the racist roots of the so-called War on Drugs. Gingrich, on the other hand, has endorsed the execution of first-time drug offenders who possess trivial amounts of narcotics.


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