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Ron Paul Endorsement Skyrockets Kelly Clarkson’s Album Sales


Congressman Ron Paul fans’ work to elect their hero and end the fed just got a soundtrack: Kelly Clarkson’s new album.

The former “American Idol” star tweeted her support for Ron Paul on Thursday, and as CNN Money reports, her much-publicized comments have apparently created a huge jump in sales for her new album, “Stronger.”

According to CNN, the singer’s sales on Amazon grew 442 percent between Thursday and Friday afternoon, shooting her album from #38 to #7 on the site’s sales list. The record also moved to #13 on Aplle’s iTunes charts.

Granted, Clarkson’s no stranger to good sales — though she has famously battled with her record company over the content of her albums. But the latest bump does seem to be in part at least to her comments on Thursday, when she said if Paul won the GOP nomination, he’d have her vote.