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U.S. says will continue to deploy warships in Persian Gulf despite Iranian threats

The United States will continue to deploy its warships in the Gulf, a defense spokesman said on Tuesday after Iran threatened to take action if the U.S. Navy moves an aircraft carrier into the Gulf. 

"These are regularly scheduled movements and in accordance with our long-standing commitments to the security and stability of the region and in support of ongoing operations," Commander Bill Speaks said in an emailed response to Reuters questions.

"The U.S. Navy operates under international maritime conventions to maintain a constant state of high vigilance in order to ensure the continued, safe flow of maritime traffic in waterways critical to global commerce," he said.

Earlier on Tuesday, Iran said it would take action if a U.S. aircraft carrier which left the area because of Iranian naval exercises returns to the Gulf. The state news agency IRNA quoted army chief Ataollah Salehi as saying that "Iran will not repeat its warning ... the enemy's carrier has been moved to the Sea of Oman because of our drill. I recommend and emphasize to the American carrier not to return to the Persian Gulf."

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Turn this around! What if the US Navy was conducting war "games" in a clearly announced exclusion zone off the American shore and a foreign power sent an aircraft carrier group through the posted area against warnings? We would consider that an offense worthy of sinking the enemy vessel. But as Obama sends the USS Stennis battle group through Iran's coastal defense exercise, our media calls Iran's warning "offensive"! Clearly, Washington is cruising for a bruising, and with China & Russia backing Iran, it is unclear who would win. WWIII?