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Tonight’s Iowa Vote Count To Take Place At Secret Location


Concerns about subversion grow after Republican strategist says GOP establishment will not allow Ron Paul to win

Paul Joseph Watson
Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tonight’s final vote tally for the Iowa caucuses will take place at a secret undisclosed location, an announcement that has stoked fears of vote fraud amongst Ron Paul supporters, concerns that were heightened following a Republican insider’s claim that the GOP establishment will not allow Paul to win.

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The final Iowa vote count normally takes place at state party headquarters in Des Moines, but following dubious “security concerns” about Occupy protesters disrupting the tabulation process, the Republican Party of Iowa announced that it would be moving the final vote count to a secret undisclosed location.

The move occurred despite Occupy protest leaders confirming there were no plans to disrupt the caucuses themselves.


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Comment by PureTrust
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Now we are seeing just how deeply the political corruption has penetrated (not that we didn't know it already). Now we are seeing it. The GOP is using criminal tactics, in the name of security, to make sure that Ron Paul doesn't win.

This is so good. Ron Paul is a real threat to them. Freedom is winning. The Iowa GOP doesn't know what to do, so they are shooting themselves in the foot with the hope that they will keep Ron Paul from winning.

Spread this info far and wide, so that people can write Ron Paul for President in on the election ballots on election day.