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And so it begins......First NDAA arrest

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Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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False propaganda.

This falsified propaganda stirs anger among the ignorant. Not a bit is true about this "news" which is one of the propaganda blitz launched by the enemy within against the Government.

National Security agents "arrested" the 16-year-old boy long time ago when he "threatened" to bomb schools. That incident is now being used to attack NDAA, which was recently signed into law.

Under this new law which by purpose is no different from the original purpose of the Patriot Act as amended, terrorists and terrorist-suspects can be arrested and detained quickly, and indefinitely if necessary … just some kind of a knee-jerk response of our intelligence operatives to stop terrorists from setting their revolutionary bombing plans and murder plots into motion.

Naturally NDAA is not to the liking of terrorists and terrorist sympathizers. They raise hell in the name of freedom they believed they lost, like what Ron Paul is parroting in public, which to me is so irrelevant to our security and safety!

The false propaganda said the 16-year-old boy was "kidnapped" by the FBI-CIA. The American public is not that stupid. The American people knew the difference between "arrest" and "kidnap".

Congress has to pass NDAA and Obama has to sign the bill into law. The enemy within and their stooges had intensified their attacks, and the Government is merely responding to protect the public from harm. Arrests will intensify as the enemy within becomes more daring in subverting the security of the State. That is as sure as the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West.

Judging from what you read here, expect more arrests. With NDAA in operation, the enemy within is digging its own grave. I hope they lose and we win. We need more NDAAs as domestic terrorists and Al Qaeda are determined to do a 911 repeat. Meanwhile, expect this NDAA-protest noise to get louder as NDAA pinches nerves.

Comment by John Doe
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Bet you wish you had a gun then don't ya? Maybe this lesson will teach you to buy one and use it against the terrorist if they ever come back into your home. I recommend a AK or a AR.
Comment by stupidAmerakin
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Welcome to Amerkia. 

Comment by Sharon Vonner
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This story is not correct.  This was a story from 2009 being played as something since the NDAA has started. Not making sure the information is correct doesn't do this site credibility.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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The arrest occurred months before the NDAA passed.  It would be m0re correct to say fist arest since the CONgress retroactively made kidnapping American kids by federal or local thugs with fine hats and shiny badges just peachy dandy in the marginally free USA.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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I had to chuckle.  The mom says, "I don't believe in guns!"   Well, considering that a bunch of heavily armed thugs broke into your home, vandalized it and kidnapped your child maybe you should start, serf!.