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Paul on third-place finish: 'Nothing to be ashamed of'


Ron Paul, speaking to supporters just now after finishing third in Iowa tonight, said there’s “nothing to be ashamed of” and urged his supporters to be ready for the next contests on the calendar.

“I think there’s nothing to be ashamed of, everything to be satisfied, and be ready and raring to move on to the next stop, which is New Hampshire,” the Texas congressman said.

He told the crowd that he had one of the tickets out of Iowa as “one of the top three vote getters.”

“We have a tremendous opportunity to continue this momentum,” Paul added.

Most of Paul’s speech focused on his favorite topics: the Fed, getting troops out of Afghanistan and foreign policy more generally.

He brought up Nixon’s “We are all Keynesians now” line, saying, “I'm looking forward to the day when we can say, 'We're all Austrians now!'"

Paul's son, Sen. Rand Paul, was visible in the background during the entire speech, looking less than thrilled.