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Ron Paul leads politicial merchandise sales

75: Percentage of Ron Paul items sold in 2011, according to the CafePress Election Meter

68: Percentage of President Obama-tagged presidential candidate items purchased

32: Percentage of sales for Mitt Romney merchandise

2: Percentage of Michele Bachmann memorabilia purchased

Source: CafePress


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Comment by Venancio Tan
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This is what I mean – the only meaning of Ron Paul’s candidacy. Get into the lineup of candidates for president, and like Ron Paul say the weirdest things in front of the camera – and presto! business is good. That’s how foolish moths are attracted to the lamp, i.e., business opportunists and profiteers! Ron Paul calls these moths his "hardworking supporters"!

In sales, Ron Paul beats them all by saying the most bizarre beliefs, which any political weirdo must have the gall to declare in public. You may hurt people by what you are saying or destroy the country by taking the side of those murderous 911 terrorists, but you don’t need to have any conscience at all to bother you when you to go to bed and sleep soundly.

Ron Paul does not show any sign of a disturbed conscience when he is babbling in front of the camera. Like what they all say … it is all strictly business!

In return, business opportunists and profiteers must carry Ron Paul on their shoulders like how primitive pagans do of their gods. The more bizarre Ron Paul becomes in the eyes of the public, the better. It means more sales and revenues for worshipers to pocket.

These benefiting supporters have to fool the public by shamelessly declaring that Ron Paul was sent by Heaven to save the country.

This explains why this Ron Paul show is a carnival …raw, prehistoric, and conscienceless, a ritualistic talkathon, and in the YouTube, morally defecating.