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Colbert skewers cable news coverage of Iowa caucuses

• The Comedy Channel
Stephen congratulated his colleagues in cable news for their coverage of the 2012 Iowa caucus results. He saluted the Fox News team’s willingness to soldier on in spite of the loss of all “basic mental functions” like speech and the ability to operate a calculator. 

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Oops!  Sorry - forgot the link: 

Comment by Psychictaxi
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I'm not a Colbert fan.

That said, I'm going to do something I don't usually do.  Instead of watching the 'segment' offered here, I heartily suggest you go watch the ENTIRE show - the content before this segment os pretty good.  He skewers Romney nicely on his 'Amber waves of grain' bit, and there's a clip where Newt calls Mitt a liar, and then goes on to say that Mitt not having anything to do with his SuperPac is 'bullshit' (watch his mouth in the video!) but they dub in him saying 'baloney'!!!

Still watching - haven't gotten to the part where he has Ron in drag (it's the very first second of the segment, which is what clued me in to the full episode) - still watching.

Heh heh.