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Swapping a 5.9L Cummins into A 1973 to 1991 Suburban

In 2012, the world isn’t going to end, zombies aren’t going to attack, and there won’t be riots in the streets. But if it does, they do, or there are—we’ll be ready!

In the next 12 issues, we’re going to build a diesel vehicle for maximum survivability in the worst possible scenarios. We’re going to create a simple truck that exploits the versatility, durability, and efficiency diesels offer. The Doomsday Diesel Suburban will be part getaway car and part urban-assault vehicle. It’ll have all-terrain capability, a 1,000-mile fuel range, and enough room to carry a small squad of survivors.

We begin this month by bolting a ’95 5.9L Cummins into a ’91 ¾-ton GMC Suburban. This swap has been done many times, but our plans call for using a GM transmission close to the factory location, removing as little of the frame as possible, and retaining the ’94 to ’98 Cummins fan. To help us with the project, we’ve enlisted Mercenary Offroad in Camarillo, California.

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