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Obama Administration Official Says "Kill the Dollar"

• Silver Underground
Up and coming investment guru, Kyle Bass recently disclosed a conversation he had with a senior Obama administration official. The official admitted the government's economic strategy was to "kill the dollar" which Bass called "a dead answer." Kyle Bass is probably a name worth learning. He’s a hedge fund manager from Hayman Capital who predicted the sub-prime mortgage crisis and made a ton of money off it. This is a guy who’s advice to his mom was to buy guns and gold, and who just spent a million dollars on nickles because the metal is worth 6.8 cents and going up. They apparently had to be special ordered by his bank and when the Federal Reserve called and asked what they were for he said, “I just like nickels.” Now he’s betting his fortune on the default of nations. Last November Bass spoke, for the third year in a row, at AmeriCatalyst 2011 in Austin, Texas. AmeriCatalyst is an invitation-only high-caliber politically neutral think tank for experts on global finance. We’re t