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Californians Are Asked for $6.9 Billion in New Taxes

• New York Times
Gov. Jerry Brown called on California voters Thursday to approve $6.9 billion in temporary new taxes, including a surcharge on big earners, as part of yet another bad-news budget proposal, this one for 2012. He warned that without those tax increases, California would be forced to impose severe cuts in public schools that could reduce the school year by three weeks.  [merciful heavens...y0u spend $7 billion dollars in three weeks of government school?!]

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Everyone knows that the schools are filled with the children of illegal's that crossed the border with those children or gave birth to them here in the states. Here is a good idea. If you have children that are going to any public school, pay extra for each of those children to attend that school. Stop making others to pay for the excessive amount of children not born in this country or for those that are born here to be anchor babies. One thing that would do is to make them stop having all of those extra children when they know that they will be taxed for having that extra child going through the public school system. Even though I have made such a suggestion, I would not want to see those families afraid of having a baby if they should become pregnant. I would be just as dishearted to see them go have an abortion just because of some new tax law. But if that law was made, many would think twice about having that fourth and fifth baby.

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