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TSA “Behavioral Detection” Officer Sentenced For Helping Drug Dealers Through Security


A TSA “Behavioral detection” officer was sentenced to two years in prison on conspiracy charges Wednesday after being found guilty of providing information to suspected drug traffickers and helping them get past security checkpoints with minimum scrutiny.

Minnetta Walker was arrested last March by federal agents at Buffalo Niagara International Airport.

Investigators discovered that Walker had helped traffickers move large amounts of cash through the airport, escorting them through security lines, directing them away from the naked body scanners and patdown security lines, and ensuring their luggage bypassed screening areas.

Walker also aided at least one suspected narcotics trafficker to fly under a false identity and warned at least one other suspect that police officers were conducting undercover surveillance of him.


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Comment by James17
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Skip - This was a woman and not a guy. Your correct that often it is those who are put in charge, that do the crimes under the table whiles the rest of the public goes to jail over minor offences. Two years is rather short. I doubt that scares the other ones out there working the system for their favor.

Comment by Anonymously Yours
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It kills me, so often to see that people who get to these type positions are the ones who fit the catagory of psychopaths.   Behavioral Detection Officer.  It would be interesting to see how much this guy was making in that position.