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Three investments that you want to avoid


Today I want to share with you a brief conversation I’ve just had with our Chief Investment Strategist Tim Staermose.

Aside from being a really, really sharp investor in the model of Warren Buffett, Tim is easily one of the most interesting people I know… and you’ll find out why. As an Australian citizen and Hong Kong permanent resident living in the Philippines, he exudes the multiple flags lifestyle. International diversification is in his DNA.

Over the last few days, our daily conversations have focused on thinking differently. The old rules of the game no longer apply… and that doubles for investing.

Socking away your savings in some S&P index fund for 20-years is no longer the path to prosperity. And Tim sheds some valuable light about some places to look, places to avoid, and what he’s doing with his own money– it’s called the 4th Pillar System.

You can listen to our brief conversation here. (or right click and save as to download)