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Ernest Hancock: Bringing The R3VOLUTION Back Home

(This was part of an online conference this past Spring that was just forwarded to me)

BTW - This Monday, January 9th is the beginning of the new 3 hour Radio Show Weekdays from 9am-Noon EST  to promote more of this type activism and we'll be using these new tools in support of extracting ourselves from the control grid peacefully... Got Silver?


Program starts at 2 mins into recording
Ernest Hancock, Publisher of Freedoms Phoenix and Co-Founder of The Freedom Summit, discusses history, community activism, libertarian ideas, and more.

“There are two types of people in the world,… Those who wish to be left alone and those who just won’t leave them alone. What type are you?”

This is a reprint from an article in October's eZine
Another great Digital Magazine I'm very fond of. Our goal was to highlight the future of healthcare and the solutions offered by liberty minded individuals. But to do this we also needed to provide an examination of how it got so bad in the first place.Attention to the World Economy couldn't wait so that issue featured in this edition as well.
Gwen Strmic was well trained by my daughter Sierra to take over the layout of the FreedomsPhoenix eZine and Gwen did a great job. Thank you Gwen!
The cover illustrations by Scott Bieser are always a treat to work on with Scott. And November's will be blown up "banner LARGE" for Libertopia and will be a nice surprise for everyone :)
Below I detail one of our latest efforts to free the planet. I hope you will be inspired to take advantage of all of the work that went into making this method of activism as easy as possible.

It is not as hard as people might think to have activism in support of liberty to go viral across the planet... it's just impossible to control it.
Here's an example FreedomsPhoenix hopes to share with you so you'll be able to recognize the effectiveness of Open Source Activism that can be tailored to any event anywhere (Here in Arizona we are focusing on the City of Tempe, Arizona State University and the Occupy WallStreet/America/Planet efforts here in Arizona)

The creation of a QR Code is very easy... - This link is only one option of many

QR Code Generators (Wiki Explanation)

Nick has provided more information about customizing your QR Codes for tracking (near the end of this article)

Rick and Carsen at have worked with us to create a method of communicating with Generation Next in a unique and effective manner.... everywhere.
We intend to Occupy the minds of THE PLANET!... and this is the latest method that is working very well right now. So we have made this activism Open Source and have removed as many development hurdles as we can.
Below was a demonstration project with the cooperation of several activist efforts to show what can be accomplished. But this is far more complicated than most local projects will be.
.JPG of Template

.JPG of Template

.JPG of Template
.JPG of Template

Qr Sheet Template for 28inx60in Multiple Stickers in .AI format&
Qr Sheet Template for 28inx60in Multiple Stickers in .EPS format
Are also available (if you need these formats please email me at Publisher -at- and I'll get them to you)
Sample Graphics for Inspiration
Any one of these QR Code graphics can be reproduced in any size/quantity/combination or as a single image. AdamvsTheMan is an example of a single image and a single size being mass produced for a single effort/project (Rick and Carsen at can help you with any effort. Simple to Complex.)

Nick Explains:
There are plenty of options out there if you want to track how many times your QR code has been scanned.  You can use a public URL shortener like that provides you with metrics or you can run your own.  If you chose to use a public URL shortener, the system is taken care of for you, which could be good, or bad.  If your Google account password is lost or stolen, you may not be able to recover it... or if your account is locked out for any reason, it might take a long time and many headaches before you can get back in.

For many out there that have your own webservers, the clear and obvious choice is to run your own URL tracking system.  The most robust and customizable option out there is also one of the easiest to install and run.  Check out YOURLS to get you started.  YOURLS has a plugin based architecture that allows you to easily add features that the base software is missing. For instance, if you want to make URL shortening and tracking easy to use on your WordPress blog, there is a WordPress plugin.  More importantly, if you want to automatically create a QR code for each URL you create, just install the free QR code plugin.  For a list of all of the known YOURLS plugins, head on over here.  If you are uncomfortable around editing PHP configuration files, YOURLS is not for you.  But, if you can follow directions, can understand basic PHP and know how to add users to MySQL with either command line or cpanel, its worth a shot to install your own URL shortener and tracker.


The Screen shot below is of a 30 up mailing label sheet for a project we helped James Babb and friends with, Infiltration into the Occupy Philly effort (another example of what we can do nationwide... The Right gave us the TeaPartyExpress to play with and now The Left has provided us a Silver Platter heaping with young minds to be freed with the Occupy Wall Street/America/Planet big sister effort to the TeaParty).
These labels went onto an Anarchist DVD created by (Ademo & Pete) and Nick from CopBlockPodcast here in Arizona. We burned hundreds of the DVDs, placed this sticker on them (QR Code goes to that was created by the Voluntarists in Philly), put them in a paper sleeve with our LOVEolutionary Bandit QR coded card and immediately sent them to James Babb for them to add whatever they wish to the packet. The DVD was a good introduction to voluntarism for the occupiers, but we are working on a new DVD featuring a lot of the current coverage so that we can BE CERTAIN to express our opinion to the thousands in the streets needing this perspective.
So imagine the scene... Every 'occupying' laptop with a DVD player 'camping out', will have a few people watching the DVDs and everyone with a SmartPhone will be scanning the QR Codes.....
     BOOM SHAKALAKA.... "Injection of the libertarian infection into the bone marrow of the Occupy America effort,... for which there is no cure!"

Soros and friends want to back up their 18 wheelers of lemons to our Lemonade Stands in the streets... COOL!  :)

This is one of the many activist projects that we are working on now. The reason our efforts are successful is that we don't even start unless we have wide support for the concept from individuals that see the benefit for their own reasons. We then make every effort to make it easy for others to make use of the tools we created. And then.... we just stay out of the way... No Central Planning!

November's activism will feature the simple idea of, as many activists as possible posting items for sale on Craigslist etc. that provide a discount if payment is in Silver. We will feature the "Silver Calculator" downloadable App for Android/iPhone/Blackberry in each post that will take place on a single day across the nation to introduce the planet to a real solution.
We have been working on this for years :)  (imagine.... eBay and Craiglist features combined with the additional feature of selecting what currency/commodity can be used in the transaction :)

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Hey Ernie, what's all this talk about 2 types of people in the world... Those who wish to be left alone and those who just won’t leave them alone? Isn't there really a third type, as exemplified by this particular article in FP? Isn't the third type really everybody who is fed up with the second type?

When Type #2 starts to push Type #1 a little too hard, they are going to find out about Type #3, and then Type #2 will suddenly turn into Type #1. But it will be too late for them.

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