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Questions for the Presidential Candidates

• Free Patriot Press
With the major party Presidential nomination process coming full swing and the number of contenders dwindling, the more those who remain need to answer the tough questions. However, I recognize that the tough questions will not be asked by the mainstream media. With that in mind, I ask the following questions in hopes that one or more candidates (from a major or minor party) supply answers. Congress routinely passes bills that are hundreds of pages long and contain multiple unrelated sections. Some examples being the “indefinite detention provision” of the National Defense Authorization Act; a provision to ban online gambling added into the 2006 SAFE Port Act and REAL ID (which failed to pass on it's own merit) added to a military spending bill. If elected President, would you urge Congress to stop this practice? Why or why not? If yes, would you urge Congress to pass the One Subject at a Time Act? Many bills – especially the “major legislation” – are hundreds of pages long and man

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