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Will Diebold Voting Machines Cheat Ron Paul Out Of 2nd Place In New Hampshire?


Paul Joseph Watson
Monday, January 9, 2012

Given allegations of vote fraud in Iowa last week, in addition to the documented case of uncounted votes for Ron Paul during the 2008 New Hampshire primary, concerns are again running high amongst Ron Paul supporters that their candidate could be cheated out of a strong finish in Tuesday’s caucuses with the aid of notoriously suspect Diebold voting machines.

Although Mitt Romney is expected to comfortably win the primary tomorrow, current polls show Ron Paul maintaining a strong second place.

However, such polls counted for little in 2008, when despite Barack Obama’s huge 13 point lead over Hillary Clinton going into the Democratic primary, Clinton ended up winning by 3 per cent.

Ron Paul also found himself on the wrong end of suspected vote fraud when election officials in districts such as Sutton reported that Paul had received zero votes, despite numerous individuals immediately going public and asserting they had voted for Paul. Officials later had to admit that 31 votes for Paul in Sutton alone had not been counted due to “human error”.


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Comment by Psychictaxi
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If that is the case, why hasn't some entreprising hacker somewhere hacked the vote to show a landslide win for, say, Herman Cain or Mackey Moose - just to crash the bogus counting system?

I believe it is rigged because last time around on Election Day, I saw the vote totals ratio maintain itself throughout the entire night, with one exception being a slight variance in the second-to-last report, which corrected itself back to the original ratios that the night started with.

No way in HELL that can happen without 'inside manipulation'. 

Comment by Rob Crotchet
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After giving 35 years to the electronics industry and specializing in systems integration. I believe voting machines to be easily hacked and results changed. Also the expense of these machines cannot be truly justified, after all you can always get patriotic volunteers to help with the counting. Hopefully safe-guarding us from those who want to destroy our nation. Changing the outcome of a voting machine is just as easy as changing your wireless printer configurations.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Santorum was the boy who's poll position went from turd place to third place overnight a week of so before the Iowa caucus vote.   Wow, an 8 vote ties for first place::Ron Paul number three.


Monday:  Huntsman who's poll position went from turd place to third place overnight before the New Hampshire vote.   Ron Paul in third place again is my prediction...unless they can't stand not letting Newt come in third.  Show that upstart Ron Paul his place.