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Eton (hand) cranks out new self-powered products at CES

While insufficient battery-life can be annoying in most mobile devices, getting cut off from the outside world because your radio has run out of juice can be much more serious. This is why Eton has been producing various devices powered by hand-turbines and solar panels for some time now. Today's CES Unveiled saw Eton demonstrating its latest FRX line of self-powered radios that come in three flavors - the FRX 3 and FRX 2, which both sport a solar panel and hand turbine, and the FRX 1, which features just the hand-turbine. Also on show was Eton's new Rukus portable Bluetooth sound system, which comes in battery- and solar-powered versions.

Intended to keep users abreast of things in cases of extreme weather, all three models in the FRX Series all feature a newly re-engineered hand-turbine constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum. The new hand-turbine, which can be used to recharge the internal Ni-MH lithium ion battery found in all models of the FRX Series, yields more power with less cranking than those found on the long list of previous Eton devices that includes the Eton P9110, the TurboDyne Series, and the Scorpion.