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Depression Cooking: A Visit to Clara’s Kitchen

Not too long ago, I was on the receiving end of some buzz around the net indicating that there was an overabundance of web sites that focused on the “food” aspect of survival and prepping.  You know:  the beans, the rice, the wheat and the other low cost, long shelf life products that make up the core of most family’s emergency survival pantry.  The gist of the buzz was “how boring”.

Here at Backdoor Survival the hackles went up.  After all, along with air and water, food is an essential component to life itself.  Without food we die.

Today I want to tell you unequivocally that Backdoor Survival is not going to give up on the research and discussion of food products for health and survival.  Quite the contrary.  We are going to continue to delve into the study of various food items in order to learn how to eat better and to sustain ourselves when the budget is meager, the pantry cupboard is bare and the usual food sources no longer exist.  And what better way to start than to talk about depression cooking?

Imagine this:

True unemployment is in the 20% range and there are no jobs Droughts have resulted in poor crop yields Seed production is greatly reduced due to hybridization and the failure of such seeds to accurately reproduce themselves Meat and vegetable supplies are plagued with e-coli and other diseases Food banks that in the past would serve 300 families a week are now serving 1000 families a week and most are out of food by mid-week 

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