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In my own media battles on the population/immigration/environmental front, I have had to contend with big time radio talk show hosts who support unlimited immigration growth, i.e., Ernest Hancock of


A book review: Man Swarm and the Killing of Wildlife by Dave Foreman

Every week, I write relentless commentaries on America’s immigration-environmental predicament. I feel like most of my work falls on deaf ears after 40 years of writing and speaking on immigration-population issues. Not only that, open borders advocates call me various and vicious names. Our U.S. Congress allowed 100 million immigrants to settle into our country in the last 40 years. At current immigration rates, we expect another 100 million within 38 years.

My two books: Immigration’s Unarmed Invasion—Deadly Consequences (eight years ago) and America on the Brink: The Next Added 100 Million Americans, (three years ago) spelled out exactly what we face and how to stop it—but I am positive that our leaders and the majority of Americans do not possess a clue as to our portentous future as a civilization. They (we) don’t understand how an added 100 million immigrants will devastate our civilization. Immigration quite literally will destroy us and our American way of life! All the while, the American people rely on the intellectually arrogant meatheads in Congress and our presidents to serve us—but instead; they keep pouring 3.1 million immigrants into this country year in and year out. (Source:, Dr. Steven Camarata)

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Comment by PureTrust
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I suppose that we are all hypocrites in some ways. And when it comes to self-protection, especially when one is protecting his or her own life, all kinds of noble ideals MUST go right out the window.

But at least you folks who think that the earth is overpopulated by people, could EXPRESS your personal desire to effect change in the only real libertarian way available to you - although I wouldn't expect that you have the guts to do it - which is to suicide yourselves.

Comment by Ken Valentine
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 Damn you 4409, I just splorked coffee all over my keyboard!

(You're right though.)

Comment by 4409
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You're right Frosty....the world is way over populated.

For instance, have you ever tried to get a chocolate latte at 8:00am in this city? Its ridiculous.

I refuse to listen to those people who claim you can just drive 10 minutes out of any major city and find trillions of acres of land completely unoccupied.

As far as I'm concerned the middle of Kansas, Utah (pick a state) does not exist. So what if there is one human for every 20,000 acres me that's overcrowded. Who on earth wants to live that close to someone? Don't I have the right to some privacy and the ability to at least stretch?

I stand by my pledge that this world is overpopulated until each human gets 20 million acres and a pony.


Comment by Jim Arft
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Frosty.  Good overall effort.  Please keep plugging along.  Your right population excess is a major problem.  And that in recent times in the USA the excess has come from illegal immigration. 

Just think of all the extra energy we need just to stay even.  Many make efforts to conserve and then watch any conservation be overwhelmed by greater energy (etc) demands from a rapidly growing population.  Think of all the energy wasted by import and export when items could be produced locally and shipped locally.  Look at all the damage to the ecosystems caused by foreign "free" trade.  The traders profit and dump the hidden cost on the species and those too dumb to demand that traders have to pay all costs. 

The water problem is another one.  Complete disregard to long term consequences of excessive use of fresh, irrigartion, storm sewer, sewer problems. 

The problem in Japan is another example.  Too much demand.  With demand satisfied with dangerous nuclear and dangerous nuclear waste.

Too bad people only think short term and only about their needs. 

As we are a nation of wariors and don't truely respect others I find it hard to believe animals and plants will be respected either.  Perhaps as some talk of natural, god given and the bill of rights they should begin to include the natural and god given rights of plants and animals.  Beginning with they have a right to exist.