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Huntsman Campaign Playing Dirty

Direct Quotes from Image Source I cant believe how stupid these people are. As campaign insiders many of you are aware we created the fake video here and made it look like it came from the ron paul people. This is a suprise it went viral. And the good news is paul is getting blamed for it. My goodness this is turning out better than expected. I was on the phone today with the campaign and they have another one coming out monday. And I helped make the video. I almost fell off my chair when i saw it on fox. I even got a call from the big man thanking me personally. This is pauls weekness. We should ramp this style of attack up. #3 John5 The paul reaction shows how incopmtent they really are. We put them on the defensive with a video that took 5 minutes to make. These people don't have a hint of street smarts. I agree with you dave, more videos. Have you seen the final for monday?

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Ron Paul supporters = "white horse wannabes" Wow, what vile cynicism!