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SABOTAGE: Russia Has Figured Out Why Its Space Program Keeps Failing

A humiliating string of accidents that has beset Russia's space program over the past year, and only seems to be getting worse, may be the result of foreign sabotage, the head of the Russian Space Agency (Roskosmos), Vladimir Popovkin, hinted on Tuesday.

At least seven serious disasters have struck Russian space ventures in little more than a year, wrecking Roskosmos's reputation and putting some of its key projects in doubt. Mr. Popovkin, who had earlier pointed to industrial failures as the source of Roskosmos' woes, said Tuesday that he found it "suspicious" that many accidents occur in blind spots where they are not covered by Russian radars.

"It is unclear why our setbacks often occur when the vessels are traveling through what for Russia is the 'dark' side of the Earth – in areas where we do not see the craft and do not receive its telemetry readings," Popovkin said in an interview with the pro-government daily newspaper Izvestia.