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Huntsman Is Unelectable: Fails To Make The Ballot In Three States


Making headlines today is the story that Jon Huntsman has failed to qualify for the Arizona state primary following a “paperwork mishap”. Not exactly what you’d call an organized campaign, but then Huntsman does not have the infrastructure to continue a national campaign, indeed, Arizona now counts as the THIRD state where he is not even on the ballot.

AP reports that the former Utah governor filed paperwork for the Arizona primary a few hours before the official deadline on Monday at 5pm. However, it was missing a notarized signature from Huntsman himself, a spokesman for Secretary of State Ken Bennett told reporters.

Huntsman’s campaign says it is “aggressively” challenge the decision and believes the ruling will be overturned.

There are 29 delegates up for grabs in Arizona, the largest number out of all the early voting states. In comparison New Hampshire has less than half that number with 12 delegates.


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I watched him in a house meeting the other day. I listened to what he had to say when asked questions from those attending the meeting. Legit and intelligent questions. I didn't hear one worthy answer from Huntsman, not one. The more he talked, the more I became irate and even though I was not there, I was yelling at him on the TV calling him a liar. There were those people that came up to him and greeted him with praise, but that looked like plants put in there for the purpose of making it seem that he answered correctly to all of those asking him questions. This man will not make it into the end election for our next president. He should cut and run while he has his chance and leave the race before he puts his foot further down his throat.