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Letter Re: 2012 National Agricultural Classification Survey

Have you all heard about this?  Yesterday I received a 2012 National Agricultural Classification Survey [from the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service] in the mail.  They ask 25 nosey questions about how many of each animal we have on our farm i.e. cows, chickens, beehives, turkeys, sheep, goats, horses etc., how much we spend in our "operation" every year, and how much we plan to make this year.  They also ask if we have internet access, how many "operators" are involved in the decision making of our "operation" how many acres we have, how many are pasture land or wooded, do we have greenhouse plants, grain storage and how many animals do we sell each year....and on and on. 
We are told on the first page of the survey that it is required by law to fill out this form, or we will get a phone call or someone will show up at our door (to count our animals themselves?)  This is ridiculous, and I believe it goes against our Constitutional rights.  

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Comment by James17
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Oh, how I really, really want the STHTF so that everyone will have to become involved with what is going on in this nation. For years now there has been talk about it, things have happened that bring that day closer, but nothing concrete that makes all of the nay sayer's pay attention to what the conspiracy nuts have been talking about all this time. I used to be one of those nay sayer's, but thanks to that one person that poised that question to me that opened my eyes and understanding that what is coming this way is pure evil and I had better have a clear understanding of just what it is so that I could protect myself and those around me. These same people that push for this information is thinking that they will be immune on that day when TSHTF, but it is those people that will be finding themselves looking down the barrel of a rifle from someone that has had enough and whom are not going to take it anymore. I don't own a gun of any sort, and I may find myself on the losing side of that issue soon. 10,800,000 guns sold in 2011 and that is not counting those sold or given away to police departments. I know all of my neighbors, and while I can think about which ones own a gun or guns, or don't own a gun, I can still figure that out of those many neighbors, 3/4 of them own at least one gun and know how to use it. Of course I don't go around and ask them about their personal business, but I can know for sure that they will do what it takes to keep brutes off of their property and out of their lives if they should think to ever push them over their limits. Unfortunately, for those of us reading these things, we count ourselves to be a part of that 99%, more of us then of them thinking, but think again. There is that 1% of so-called elites. Then that 1% that will go out and do the will of that first 1% for a paycheck leaving 98%. Out of that 98% count out the too old and too young to defend themselves. That leaves you about 50%. From that 50% cut out 49% that can't get out of their comfort zone and are afraid of dying for a just cause leaving just 1% fighting against 1% of elites with the money to buy that other 1% willing to do the dirty work making the true fight 1% against 2%. With that lets not forget that the second 1% are well Armed to the hilt, much, much more then those of us counted among that 1% that want to defend ourselves against that terrible evil coming down on the world today.

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