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Marine said ‘shoot first, ask later’ in Iraq civilian slayings

A US Marine ordered his men to “shoot first and ask questions later,” triggering one of the Iraq war’s most controversial episodes which killed 24 civilians in 2005, a court heard.

Staff Sergeant Frank Wuterich overreacted in orders he gave his squad after seeing the mangled body of a comrade who had been killed in a roadside bombing in the Iraqi town of Haditha on November 19, 2005.


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Comment by PureTrust
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When you think about it, why all the fuss? The military doesn't treat American civilians in America any different! Look at all the SWAT break-ins where they shoot somebody. At least they go on trial for killing Iraqis. But they get commendations, and raises, and paid vacations when they do it to Americans.

Comment by James17
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I remember reading the eyewitness account from the soldiers point of view. No matter how much I felt for what they had seen and the loss of their fellow soldier, I have a difficult time understanding why they would kill women and children that they knew did nothing of what happened to their friend and fellow soldier. Not only do these men and women come back to the states with PTSD because they witnessed the death of fellow soldiers, but because they have settled down with the memory of murdering innocents during a time of heated anger. Many of them will never do such things again while living back here in the US. But now there are that handful that having done such things, having done so has not fazed them in the least, and it is those that are now taking those jobs in the now open for business FEMA camps and who will be forcing on fellow American citizens that now infamous NDAA bill signed into law on 12/31/2011. You can believe that by the militarizing of our police force's that you read about on almost a daily basis.