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Obama Administration Claims Immunity in 'Shameful' STD Study of Guatemalans

• FOX News
Guatemalan prostitutes, prisoners and mental patients who were intentionally exposed to sexually transmitted diseases, without their knowledge or consent, by U.S. researchers in the 1940s, cannot sue the United States argued the Obama Administration on Monday, no matter how shameful and unethical the studies were.

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"a deeply troubling chapter in our nation's history." This is just one of countless many other troubling actions done by people elected to protect the people of this nation and to be an example to the rest of the world around us. 'The Greatest Nation this planet has ever known'. What a farce. If you still believe that, then hurry and blow your head out of your ass before you suffocate. If you still decide to speak of this as the Greatest Nation, then just leave your head where it is. I can prove to you today that all this talk about being a Great Nation, is just that. Talk, or put another way, propaganda. Go outside and look into the sky above your own home. Most likely you will see those Chemtrail streaks being sprayed by no other then our own military. Contrail/Chemtrail, do a study and prove it for yourself. America is at it again, doing harmful dumping of chemicals upon the people of this nation. When the day comes people fine themselves with illnesses caused by those chemicals being dumped, just like these Guatemalans, they too will be told, 'Sorry about that, but there is nothing you can do for restitution about it. Just die like you are supposed to. Why else would we have gone to all of this trouble of dumping poisons on you daily for you to still be alive and complaining about it. Just die and leave us alone.' One more thing. Be sure that those people that could care less made a lot of money doing these things and they live comfortable lives while they have the antidote and the rest of us become ill.