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DEA Agent Uses Death of SWAT Cop to Propagandize

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a veteran who apparently grew marijuana to self-medicate for anxiety and depression apparently shot and killed one cop and wounded several others during a nighttime raid on his home. This is the same narcotics task force, by the way, that shot and killed a man wielding a golf club five seconds after breaking down his door during a botched meth raid last year. That cop was forgiven for his mistake. Heat of battle, volatile situation, mistakes were made—you know the drill.

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Comment by stupid Amerkin
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The ditto was for  tittiger (#29500)  My mistake

Comment by stupid Amerkin
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Powell Gammil  Triple dittos.  I'm sure they will now have us moving up the list of priorities for speaking our mind and truth. 

“In a time of universal deceit, TELLING THE TRUTH is a revolutionary act.”   George Orwell 1984

 We must be living back in 1939 only this is now Amerkia. God help us all.

These mindless drones who just follow orders have been totally brain washed into believing in what they are doing is right and that they are actually protecting others. What they are protecting is the corporate fascist regime & it is extremely hard to show anyone the truth when their pay checks depend on them not knowing the truth.


“It is an atrocity that many will perish believing the BIG lie, but the real tragedy are those who, have, are now and will continue to do so, defending the BIG lie.”   Rod Souza

Comment by tittiger
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I would like to know the details how of how he shot 5 of the SOB’s. All Americans should learn effective tactics to kill thugs that break into our homes.

Perhaps if Americans actually start fighting back against these ball-less criminal thugs they will think twice about murdering and violating the rights of American citizens.

Better yet I like the idea of locating the homes of these thugs and doing no knock raids on their homes. Shooting their dogs, putting guns in their kids faces, accidentally shooting them when they try to defend themselves. IF they survive – then arrest them for treason and violation of inalienable rights.

Sounds reasonable to me as every peaceful tactic has failed with these demons from hell.

Matthew Stewart is a hero. We need more Americans like him that will stand up to tyranny.

If you live in that area make an effort to get on the jury and find this man innocent. In fact the system should pay him huge damages for what they have done to him.

What do you think?


Comment by Powell Gammill
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