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Missouri Moving to Constitutional Money

The American Open Currency Standard has been servicing the state of Missouri for a few years with gold, silver and copper rounds. And now the elected employees at the capitol will finally consider legislation to honor their Constitutional mandate to not “…make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts…”.

Our friend, Doug Tjaden, at the Utah Sound Money Center, posted the following today:

Last week, the Missouri Sound Money Committee produced model legislation which was handed off to House Bill sponsor Rep. Paul Curtman. He and several other co-sponsors will introduce this legislation, likely within the next 30 days. Because of the favorable structure of important house committees, Rep. Curtman is confident that the bill will receive a vote on the House floor. The Senate too will have strong sponsors for the bill, thus there may be an opportunity to put the legislation on the governor’s desk this year. (link to source embedded)

Congratulations to the elected employees of Missouri for moving forward with this critical and long overdue legislation.

Congratulations to the people of Missouri for demanding the job get done and electing the right employees to do it.