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Huntsman's Campain Mgr. - "If Ron Paul was not in this race, we would be even with Romney.*

That may explain why the Paul and Huntsman camps started firing at each other so much over the weekend.
The Huntsman team to a man believes that their candidate deserves it more. They have a Governor who enacted pro-life and pro-gun reforms and lowered taxes historically. His state was adding more jobs per capita than any other. They won re-election in a deep-red state with over 77 percent of the vote. Conservative policy-wonks adore his detailed and bold policy plans. Plus he served in important diplomatic posts three times. He looks great, and has a beautiful family. He has no scandals and he regularly wins over moderates and Indpendents. Oh, and he worked his tail off for this. They're almost offended that he isn't winning. 

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Hey and you know what? If Romney was not the race Paul would be killing it with a landslide...further more if Paul had Huntsman 15%? he would be beating Romney

Just saying that makes them look like idiots.