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Video appears to show US troops urinating on corpses

• Washington Post
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The Marine Corps said Wednesday that it is investigating the origins of a video on the Internet that purports to show Marines in combat gear urinating on the corpses of three Taliban insurgents.

The brief video, which runs for less than a minute, began circulating on Web sites early Wednesday. It depicts four Marines laughing as they relieve themselves while standing over three prostrate bodies.


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Comment by Courtney Jalospanis
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But why not? Larken Rose is doing that everyday after shooting cops dead – at least in his freaking mind! To him Marines and cops are the same -- all government "jackboots" who should be shot dead. Anyway, this "urine" drops out of his mouth every time he speaks out his jail trauma as a convicted tax felon. I am not making this up. Review the money-making writings and videos he is publishing and distributing, respectively. You will see it yourself!

As far as Rose and his kind are concerned [thank God they are fewer than the stray hairs growing in Yul Brener’s shiny egghead], to them all cops and every Marine are more evil than the Talibans! To be sure, read his comment below.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Comment by Hawkeye
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Right!! Why dosn`t the  Marine Corp investigate the %44 that say they will Kill Americans if ordered to?

My neighbor removed all of his Marine Corp decals,and bumper stickers from his trucks....too humiliated by the New Marines.

Comment by Chip Saunders
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There's being justifiably jubilant in victory, and then there's providing a propaganda win for your enemy. Guess which this is. 

Comment by 4409
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The insurgents were just hot in the desert sun. They were just helping them keep cool for god sakes.


Media brainwashed, Support the troops no mater what, Flag waving Amerikan drone.

Comment by Larken Rose
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The few. The proud. The marines.

Good grief.

People in the military are intentionally and pain-stakingly trained to be inhuman, blindly obedient murderers. The training works.

By comparison, suppose your home was invaded by an armed psycho, and you were forced to use deadly force against him. Would you then urinate on his corpse, while laughing about it? I'm guessing not. Why not? Because you're still a human being (I hope). 

Won't it be swell when these trained attack dogs are called back here to deal with "civil unrest," and are pissing on your neighbor's corpse? Hey marines, the ability to kill isn't what makes a man a man. Any stupid rabid dog can kill. When you start demonstrating a little integrity and morality (like Oathkeepers, fort example), and showing some hint that you know the difference between right and wrong, then I might stop calling you fascists.