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US foreign policy and national security "Joke of the Year!"

• The Political Commentator
The problem is that it is no joke, is far from funny and is yet one more really dumb move being made by the Obama administration that's destined to fail miserably! Presenting the 2012 "Joke of the Year" (although the year is still very young)! "U.S peace talks with Taliban to resume" Has nothing been learned from the attempts made in the past to negotiate with terrorists? What is it about being played as a patsy by a terrorist organization that the Obama administration does not understand? What do they think will come out of this beyond the potential for the U.S. to make concessions and for the Taliban to make promises and assurances that they have no intention of keeping? What is the endgame beyond having some additional talking points for the 2012 presidential campaign during which President Obama can trumpet his imaginary foreign policy acumen by pointing to these worthless negotiations...