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Desert Deception: Ron Paul Kept Off Maricopa GOP Online Poll in Arizona

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UPDATE: It appears as though they've taken the poll off the website, but it's still on PollDaddy. Good work, gang. all means keep their phones ringing and email boxes filling. You have a right to express your displeasure. Keep the heat on.

The PollDaddy URL: (By the way, it looks like they've magically added his name to the bottom. People have screenshots from before. See the comment section below.)


The Maricopa GOP is up to their old tricks. Ron Paul is not on their online straw poll at:

Please call 623-977-4532 and demand they put him on the poll.

You can also email:
Frosty Taylor – Communications:
Kevin Myers – Webmaster:

From the Comments section on the poll:

Ron Paul was on the poll but when he has five times the votes of all other candidates combined that indicates cheating is occurring. This is an ongoing problem with Ron Paul supporters and this isn't the first poll I have had to remove him from. The simple truth is no one wants to participle in a poll where the supporters one of the candidates is distorting the results making the poll worthless.

Kevin Myers Webmaster

You all know what to do.


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Comment by Goldbug36
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Any and all polls in which I have participated will not allow a person to vote twice. This is a simple mechanism that prevents fraud. I think this is indeed "desert deception." But, then, we expect dirty pool from the status quo ESTABLISHMENT GOP, don't we?
Comment by Powell Gammill
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...."indicates cheating is occurring."

OK, cheating how?  Didn't your webmaster have safeguards against the same IP address logging in and casting a vote?  Cheating how?  Or cheating in your opinion?  :-D