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Is Ron Paul using GOP bully pulpit to launch an independent run?

• The Examiner
Ron Paul has stated repeatedly he know he can't win the GOP nomination. Why does he continue, then? Because he may be playing the GOP by using the debates to build his base and then split off on an independent run after the convention. If he does, Obama wins.

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Comment by tony andrews
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i am a  canadian.Ron Paul is a great man.This writer worked for the globalist Nelson Rockefeller,Enough said on the point.

Comment by TheRockster
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This article starts with a lie: "Ron Paul has stated repeatedly he know he can't win the GOP nomination." This is not true. Then it goes downhill from there. Why would you publish something like this?


Comment by PureTrust
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There are dozens of not so honorable and downright underhanded tactics that can be used to win a Presidential election these days. But there is basically only one right method. If RP wins the election, he wins. If he does not win, he still wins.

The nation has gone too far into mismanagement to be brought out by the ordinary methods of simply returning to honest and right Government. If the next 5 Presidents were completely honest, had the truly righteous, best freedoms intentions, their actions would only forestall the inevitable downfall of the Government and the nation as it now stands.

We are like a standing person falling over backwards. The best we can do is to land in the safest way possible. We are way beyond the point of re-gaining enough balance to stop the fall.

This is the thing that Ron Paul is really winning with. He is showing the people just how far we have moved away from safe, manageable Government. And he is doing it mildly, not showing really how bad it is. If he were to show how bad it really is, nobody in the general public would believe him.

Waking the people up is the best thing he can do. He is succeeding. He is winning. He has won! But he just might win the Presidency, as well.

Comment by Rob Crotchet
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Ron Paul will win. Romney will burn out and fade away. People are tired of people like you, who continue to fight for a dying breed of corruption and greed, which are the same group you align with. People are sick and tired of the Republicrats and Democans, and have finally realize that, they are one in the same. Yes, you are only good for lip service, but talk is cheep. You sir, cheapen yourself with every word you write. For you to think the impossible is not possible. Just look at all the surprises the people have come together and put fourth. Obama was round one, Obumma was a bad choice. The people have learned from this and are working harder this election to see that it don't happen again.