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Audit AZ takes transparent election fight to court

Video on website: TUCSON, Ariz. -- A non-partisan organization in Tucson is on a mission to make sure future Pima County elections are done fairly. Audit AZ says its long battle with the county, stemming from voting irregularities in a 2006 election for the Regional Transportation Authority, is finally going before a jury. It's an essential part in our election process. Technology is used to compile voters lists, draw electoral boundaries and count the ballots. But some Tucsonans say it's getting in the way. "We want the court to order certain things that would prevent Pima County from cheating again in the future," said Bill Risner. Bill Risner is a lawyer representing Audit AZ, Americans United for Democracy, Integrity and Transparency in Elections. It's working to prove the county used voting machines to rig a 2006 election that passed a 20 year RTA project and half cent sales tax to help fund it. "It seems they pretended it passed, when it didn't," said Risner. The case is now heading to a jury, but the county says it doesn't stand a chance. "Their accusations are pretty silly and ludicrous," said Chuck Huckleberry. County Administrator Chuck Huckleberry says taking their fight to court is a waste of time and money. "There has been a complete recount of all the ballots by the Attorney General, there has been a full investigation, there is no voter fraud," said Huckleberry. But Audit AZ and its supporters believe in their cause. Since 2012 is such an important election year, they want a judge to order a change in the system as soon as possible. "Because our system is used in other counties in other states, we'd like to do it sufficiently in advance so it would be the most good for the people," said Risner. To fix the election process, Audit AZ is proposing an independent graphic scanning of all ballots. The images would be posted on a public website after the polls close, so anyone could count the ballots.

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