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‘LDS for Ron Paul’ Welcomes Endorsement of Utah Republican Liberty Caucus Chair

LAKE JACKSON, Texas – 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul was endorsed today by Darcy Van Orden, chair of the Utah Republican Liberty Caucus.
As a function of today’s announcement, Ms. Van Orden joins prominent author and chair of the Utah Tenth Amendment Center, Connor Boyack, in serving on the national advisory board for the “Latter-day Saints for Ron Paul” nationwide coalition.
“If there was ever a time in our nation’s history to make a change in the trajectory of America, that time is now and the candidate to do it is Ron Paul.  He is the only candidate who can roll back the unrestrained growth in the federal government, returning our nation to liberty and prosperity.  Dr. Paul is a statesman who has inspired me to study the time-honored principles of freedom and recognize how great this nation can be once again as we embrace the Constitution, free markets, sound money, a strong national defense, and ending the Federal Reserve,” Ms. Van Orden said in a statement to the Paul camp.
Ms. Van Orden is an activist functioning as an advocate for states’ rights and individual liberty.  She builds dialogue and assembles coalitions in support of pro-liberty candidates and legislation.  Her work has been featured in The New York Times among other prominent publications, she appears on a weekly radio program, and she offers political commentary on ABC 4’s Good Morning Utah.
Aside from Mr. Boyack’s endorsement, today’s news follows a Nevada campaign operation announcement for the “Latter-day Saints for Ron Paul” nationwide coalition.  All such announcements help present Ron Paul as the conservative alternative to Mitt Romney and demonstrate that no presidential candidate has a monopoly on this crucial western states voter segment.
As a first basic step, those wanting to join the “Latter-day Saints for Ron Paul” nationwide coalition should visit the official page by clicking here.  They should also send an email to Chris Kuper, National Coalitions Liaison, at