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Warmer summers cause colder winters, scientists say

 Warmer summers in the far Northern Hemisphere are disrupting weather patterns and triggering more severe winter weather in the United States and Europe, a team of scientists say, in a finding that could improve long-range weather forecasts.

Blizzards and extreme cold temperatures in the winters of 2009/10 and 2010/11 caused widespread travel chaos in parts of Europe and the United States, leading some to question whether global warming was real.

Judah Cohen, lead author of a study published on Friday in the journal Environmental Research Letters, and his team found there was a clear trend of strong warming in the Arctic from July to September.

Existing predictions would also expect a warming trend during winter as well. But Cohen and his team found this was not the case for some regions, in a counter-intuitive finding that reveals more about the complexity of the world’s climate system than any flaws in the science of global warming.

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I don't see any of this as truth. For the past four months the U.S. military has been Chemtrailing the skies over S. CA causing a drought. At the end of last year there should have been at least two weeks of rain. There were only two days of rain. Everyday the sky is filled with Chemtrail streaks that cause the moisture to dry up before coming inland. When anyone is talking about weather changes caused by the world's population, let us first look to those govenrments that allow for their skies to be Chemtrailed. Man made weather changes caused by the same governments that want to charge you for breathing. Anyone of you can look up and see this happening over your major cities.