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War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery … and Fighting Back is ‘Aggression’


The US Department of Defense recently promulgated a new "defense" guidance document: "Sustaining US Global Leadership: Priorities for 21st Century Defense." I use scare quotes because it just doesn’t seem quite right to use "defense" to describe a document that — like its predecessors — envisions something like an American Thousand-Year Reich.

The greatest shift in emphasis is in the section "Project power despite Anti-Access/Area Denial Challenges." The "threat" to be countered is that China and Iran "will continue to pursue asymmetric means to counter our power projection capabilities."

That refers to a long-standing phenomenon: What Pentagon analysts call "Assassin’s Mace" weapons – cheap, agile weapons that render expensive, high-tech, weapons systems ineffective at a cost several orders of magnitude cheaper than the Pentagon’s gold-plated turds. In the context of "area denial," they include cheap anti-ship mines, surface-to-air missiles, and anti-ship missiles like the Sunburn (which some believe could destroy or severely damage aircraft carriers).


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 Yep! Using billion dollar aerospace weaponry to attack a small country halfway around the world is "defense" of the "American Way", as Superman would say. But a band of peasants defending their neighborhood against those foreign forces with rifles and homemade bombs are "radical insurgents" or "terrorists". Just like that MIAC report and FBI bulletins warning police that patriots defending the US Constitution are deemed "extremists".  An army tank rumbling into your living room is there for "your protection", raising your hand against it is "aggression" to be squashed in "Full Spectrum Dominance". Uncle Sam is a psychopath!

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