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States still ‘gun’ for unsuspecting firearm owners


The closing days of 2011 brought a rash of collisions between otherwise upstanding citizens and New York’s infamous gun laws.

On Dec. 16 Mark Meckler, a prominent California Tea Party leader, was arrested at LaGuardia Airport as he attempted to check luggage containing his unloaded, cased, handgun in accordance with TSA, FAA and Delta Airline rules.

Then on Dec. 22, fourth-year medical student Meredith Graves was arrested at the 9/11 memorial when she asked a security guard where she could check her pistol in an attempt to comply with a “No Guns” sign. That case echoed a September case in which Indiana jeweler, Ryan Jerome, also tried to comply with a “No Guns” sign at the Empire State Building by asking a guard to secure his weapon.

These are just the latest examples in a long stream of incidents that serve to demonstrate how gun laws snare the law-abiding.


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