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The Magic of Radio Part 2: Nutz and Bolts of Radio

With SOPA and internet controls possibly on the near horizon, having the ability to both listen and communicate freely may become the exclusive domain of private radio operators.

With that in mind, last week we began our series on the “Magic of Radio” with a discussion of some basic shortwave radio equipment, including general shortwave listening gear and weather radios.  This week we present part two of our two-part series .

Gaye aka G2:  This week we want to move on to the next level of the hobby so how about starting with an explanation of antennas.

George aka G1: Sure!  Easy to understand and it only takes a few paragraphs to get the basics.

When it comes to antennas, there is generally only one number you need to remember – 468.  Here’s why that number is important:6698215821 8bc3424a33 m The Magic of Radio Part 2: Nutz and Bolts of Radio

If you know what frequency your radio is tuned to, you can use the formula 468 divided by the frequency (f) in MHz to come out with a value telling you how long a ½ wavelength antenna should be.