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IPFS News Link • Politics: Republican Campaigns President, Jonathan Johnson, Endorses Ron Paul for the Presidency

• Ron Paul 2012
LAKE JACKSON, Texas – 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul was endorsed today by President Jonathan Johnson, who is also joining the “Latter-day Saints for Ron Paul” nationwide coalition. 
The following statement of endorsement from Mr. Johnson is personal, and does not represent an endorsement on behalf of any companies or organizations with which he is affiliated, including
“The federal government has run roughshod on the Constitution and now intrudes into too many areas of our lives.  Ron Paul’s staunch adherence to the Constitution, defense of individual liberty and vision of a smaller government are the right prescription for our time,” said Mr. Johnson.
Jonathan E. Johnson III has been the President of since 2008.  Mr. Johnson joined in 2002 as the Company’s General Counsel and has held various business and legal related positions at the company.  He has been part of’s meteoric growth, as the company has grown from a small start-up to a company with $1.1 billion in sales and over 1,400 employees throughout Utah.
Prior to joining, Johnson was with TenFold Corporation in various positions, including CFO and General Counsel.  Before that, he practiced corporate law in Los Angeles with two international law firms.  He also served as a judicial clerk at the Utah Supreme Court.
Johnson received a bachelor’s degree in Japanese from Brigham Young University, studied at Osaka University of Foreign Studies in Japan as a Ministry of Education Scholar, and received his law degree from the BYU Law School.
Johnson lives in Salt Lake with his wife and five sons, and is active in the Utah Republican Party and a longtime member of the board of governors of the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce.