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Video: Soldier rides along with cops during drug operation

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A local soldier provided back up for local police officers during a major drug operation.

U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Lazaro Perez went along with Miami-Dade Police officers during Operation Machete, which consisted of a series of drug raids at several residences across the county. "Anything dealing with that kind of work, anything dealing with guns and taking down bad guys, I'm there. I love it," said Perez.


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Comment by PureTrust
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Head down to Nogales, Arizona. I haven't crossed the border into Mexico there lately, so maybe it is a bit more troublesome than it used to be before the beefed up security. The thing about Nogales is, it is a split city. Part of it is in the U.S., and the other part is in Mexico.

The thing about Mexico - you can see it right in Mexican Nogales - is that they have much more relaxed drug laws that the U.S.. Sure, the basic laws are different between the two countries in many ways. But you can buy all kinds of drugs that are prescription drugs in the U.S., right over the counter in Mexico.

If a Mexican citizen commits a crime, be it because he was high on prescription drugs, OTC drugs, or illegal-in-the-U.S. drugs, or because he simply is a bad guy, he gets punishment according to the law.

The point is, it isn't the drugs that make a person bad. What makes a person bad with regard to drugs in the U.S. is the set-up. The set-up is the temptation of a chance for a person to make money peddling illegal drugs... IF HE CAN GET AWAY WITH IT. The set-up is the drug laws rather than punishment-for-harm-or-damage laws.

Loads of Mexicans use drugs south of the border without harming anyone or damaging his property. If we didn't have the anti-drug laws here in the U.S., we would ALSO have loads of people using drugs in the U.S. without harming anyone or damaging his property.

Here's the similarity. In Mexico there is punishment for harm and damage done. In the United States there is punishment for harm and damage done.

Here's the difference with regard to drugs. In Mexico there is far less punishment for using drugs without harm or damage done. Just go to Mexican Nogales and see what you can buy OTC. In the United States there is great punishment, destruction of property, and even murder of innocent people for the SUSPECTED use of illegal drugs, even when there is NO HARM OR DAMAGE DONE.

If you are the kind of person who likes U.S. anti-drug laws that are setting the stage for martial law all over America, when narcotics L.E. people get to your city, let them do a raid at your house. And if you are still alive after they get through, if there is anything left of your house at all, if they haven't stolen every last bit of cash they can lay their hands on, give them a big hug and kiss for all the rest of us. Because the rest of us are going to be working on suing the pants off them.

Comment by Fidel Perez
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To answer the two idiots criticizing The Sargent, you failed to comprehend who they are going after, he can come to my city any time to help out law enforcement put away the bad guys, it is obvious who's side your on and the content of your character, he fights for your freedom and still finds time to clean up your city, we salute him and pity you..FP

Comment by stupid Amerkin
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I love it? This is some scary shit. This is the brain dead mentality pumped up on adrenalin rushes we have for so called law enforcement today. There is no doubt that there are those who need to be put away including many of the out of control nazis with guns and badges that LOVE plundering the people. It gives them power and satisfies their own addiction for adrenalin rushes.


“It’ is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society”.



Comment by Hawkeye
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Lazaro Perez.....????? Hell! I guess this guy would be happy to be a brain dead cop fighting Americans....that`s his agenda.