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Florida Cop Turns Off Dash Cam Before Beating Elderly Man With Dementia

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Melbourne police officer Derek Middendorf turned off his dash cam before stepping out of his patrol car and kicking a mild-mannered 66-year-old man with dementia in the groin.

The hulking cop then fell on top of the feeble Albert Flowers, punching and choking him repeatedly while a fellow officer ran up and tased him in the face.

When they were done beating Flowers, they charged him with battery on a police officer and resisting arrest.

He remained hospitalized for a month.


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Comment by stupid Amerkin
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David Jackson (#42825)
 You are absolutely right. This friggin nazie bastard needs to be publicly flogged and locked up for good. As you have said, this is status quoe across this country today and thses nazis seem to have total immunity condoned by the dens of corruption called courts and the black robed devils hiding behind respectability. I also believe those who hired this criminal thug should also hold some accountability including the nazi prosecutor who will continue to make a case out of this against the real victim. If this were my family I wouldn't post what I would do. When you have a generation of psycos that grew up with violent video games and watching SWAT movies, this the end product and we ain't seen nothing yet. We have been battling this out of control violence under the color of law here in Oregon for several years now and it just continues to get worse. The justus system is sooooooooooo corrupt across this country, it is mind boggling, but it's still business as usual.



Comment by David Jackson
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This is exactly why I've said that we need a Civilian Intelligence Agency, made up of citizens with cameras and cell/web links to the two or three actual media outlets that haven't been bought-off.

As to the thug cop, he should be fired and charged with aggravated assault or "attempted" manslaughter (murder). 

This is "law enforcement", folks! It's what you get when there isn't anyone watching the watchers! This is becoming the normative standard for all cops!

Maybe when it happens to someone you care about - you or your kids, you'll wake up and tell the bureaucraps who promte and support this type of abuse that they won't be voted back into their do-nothing,cushy jobs. (It might be too late!)

Given the on-going wescalation of "police" abuse of ctizens and the Constitution, there is little hope for a return to honor and decency at any level of government in the United States. (It can get worse. If you want to know how bad, simply imagine the most vile, brutal, or insane thing you've ever seen or can think of and magnify it - it's coming to your neighborhood!) 

Comment by Hawkeye
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I sure hope this Idiot Cop has not children but! if he does this must be shown to them,the children,and his neighbors...this is a dangerous man in our midst.