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When Ron Paul's Supporters Are His Worst Enemy

• The Atlantic Wire
Let's take a moment to talk about [Ron Paul's] supporters. Here at The Atlantic Wire, we're big fans of open public debate and work hard to -- we invite everyone to tell us anything in the Open Wire and love sourcing stories there -- and have noticed an interesting trend in what happens when we write Ron Paul stories. We hear many many impassioned thoughts from our readers, some via email, some in the comments,

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Comment by PureTrust
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Again, it's all about what we want. Do we want the same old, same old? Isn't the same old, same old - things like deeper in debt Government, crazy credit that takes our houses and land away, our kids going off to useless wars to be killed by a non-enemy (except that we make him into an enemy), world movement by the big bankers toward a world dictatorship that would be the envy of every Nazi, lack of freedom to use my home-grown drugs to heal myself, chemtrails that keep the family garden from growing properly, etc., etc.?

There are few candidates or potentials offering something different than the same old, same old. Sure, many of them sound good. But when you look at their past record, you can see for yourself that they are only out to line the pockets of #1 - themselves.

Ron Paul is different. Ron Paul is in favor of real, beneficial change. Is Ron Paul for President impractical? Perhaps. But more of the same old, same old is way more real-life impractical than the idea of Ron Paul for President.

So, thanks to you commenters who are against Ron Paul. Thanks for again helping me show the Freedoms Phoenix readers why we need Ron Paul.

Vote Ron Paul 2012, whether he is running or not. If he wins, he will take the job even if he has decided to not run for some reason.

Comment by Venancio Tan
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Hey, this is an eye-catcher. Can I pitch in a nickel worth of a question here? Don’t worry, I will answer it myself. Is it possible to "philosophize" reality as it is, into a reality that we want to believe? Supporters argue that they have a special kind of reality of Ron Paul as president.

I think it is possible, but that’s like 20 fingers you believed you have, instead of just the real 10 fingers normal human beings have.

I agree with JV that it is all but illusions.

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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The illusion of extreme Libertarianism.

Those who could not argue because they are "abiotic" upstairs, should learn from how PureTrust [PT] and #34261 [below immediately following] make their good arguments. You can feel the brain in it. Those who can only spew dirt from the gutter mind of the retarded in tantrum [a lot of name-calling Ad Hominem freaks in this forum who can only hate but can’t argue], should pay attention and learn how issues are examined and argued to benefit the public.

While those civil and forthright comments are well taken, I disagree with the "action" they recommend. #34261 summarized this "action" we must take: "Action based, not on something we're all AGAINST, but based upon something we're FOR." Something we are for, is only half or even less than those against wanting action FOR. So, while the recommendation is ideal, this ACTION could never be ALL FOR Ron Paul -- it is never possible that way. This is a libertarian thinking or assumption I have been writing about. I know because I too am a Libertarian buff – a Libertarian of Reason as opposed to Libertarian R3volutionaries in extremis. Life depends only on one value – the value of liberty. All others are artificial, all values of the imagined enemy. That’s why Libertarianism becomes illusionary.

On the other hand, PT assumes that if Ron Paul becomes president, the restructuring of America as it is known to us Americans, and to the world over, begins. That again is a libertarian assumption. The premise is not based on reality.

The reality that Ron Paul is president or could even become president, is totally illusionary. Among the changes he wants is to turn America into a "recluse". This nation is the richest and the mightiest leader of the world. No American in his right mind will ever allow that to happen.

Is this nation perfect? No. Is Ron Paul right in pointing out this nation’s defects? Absolutely yes!

Can he recreate capitalist America that was founded by our illustrious forebears, according to his isolationist R3volutionary Libertarian agenda? Absolutely impossible, although he can wish and wish and attempt and attempt to do so in this Democracy, until hell freezes over! That’s because it is all illusionary.



Comment by PureTrust
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Ah, where can I find a list of the troubles among the American people? Need I look far? Or can I simply go to the regular news media, or even simply look around my neighborhood?

And where can I find a list of the candidates and potentials who support the troubles in America? Isn't it all of them who don't want to make any substantial changes in America?

Where can I go to find out what Ron Paul will do if elected President? Not

And when I get there, what will I find? If I read, I will find all the beginnings of one of the best methods for rebuilding America, freeing the people, strengthening American jobs and business, reducing taxes, accountability in banking, making friends around the world rather than enemies, and best of all, giving us back our individual American freedoms.

But, once Ron Paul is elected, we all need to get behind him and make FREEDOM happen. He can't do it alone.

Comment by Dennis Treybil
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The article mentioned a guy who wanted Dana Bash to get run over by a semi truck.

That caught my eye.

I think it is safe to read a bit of "anger" into that comment.  I think the sender felt that.  I sympathize.  I was apalled (no pun intended) as any Paul supporter might be over Bash's actions.

I am reminded of a line from Billy Crystal in "Analyze This!" - Anger is a blocked wish.

I think that one thing that blocks a lot of people's wishes is not knowing what they wish for, which then goes to what they need and what they can realistically expect to have.

And one thing that keeps so many people in the dark on that facet of their lives is too much information.  "News" is framed to pose a multitude of problems.  As a person's attention is drawn first to one "problem" and then another, different course of action are suggested - courses that conflict with each other.

If someone tries to react to all these problems, their actions have no coherence - they're rendered ineffective.

Like Hamlet they "take arms against a sea of troubles and by opposing (try to) end them".

Not that I propose that everyone should just "suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune", no not at all.

But instead to propose coherent action.

Action based, not on something we're all AGAINST, but based upon something we're FOR.

I think Ron Paul's message of non-interventionist foreign policy, legitimate money and limited government based on the constitution is a sound message.  I think that message can move the country on a path where pursuit of happiness is widely enjoyed.  That's something to be FOR.

Focusing on that, or something else affirmative/positive, is a good way to avoid being distracted by obnoxious actions of journalistic professionals.

DC Treybil

Comment by Ufactdirt
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Yeah, bear with us a little bit longer in this castigating stage while we make the most of it. The money will soon be over, but bear with us with the remaining time we have before everything pops out. You will do us a favor.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Ron Paul supporters, keep up the good work.  You are officially past the "ignoring you" stage.  Now comes the buying you off/castigating you stage.

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