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Daily Paul Goes Dark Tomorrow - Wednesday January 18 - SOPA/PIPA Strike


On January 18, The Daily Paul will join Wikipedia, Reddit, Twitter, BoingBoing,, The Free Software Foundation, and tens of thousands of other websites around the Internet in going dark to oppose SOPA and PIPA, the looming US legislation that would create an impossible Internet censorship regime and export it to the rest of the world.

In a post-SOPA world, out-links from the Daily Paul to any other website would be prohibited unless I was completely, 100% positive that there was no copyright infringing content on those websites. This means no more linking to YouTube, Twitter, TVPC, Wordpress, Blogger, or any other user-content generated website -- including your personal blog -- lest I personally face the pain of being shut down, my finances frozen, the domain confiscated, having my IP address blacklisted, and eventually -- who knows -- probably being put into a cage for the protection of there rest of society.

In other words, if SOPA passes, say goodbye to our little community here at the Daily Paul. This website would go dark for good.

Such a bleak future is corporatism at its worst, and is what Dr. Paul has warned us against: Big Business getting into bed with Big Government to force submission to their goal of controlling every last aspect of our lives, including what we are able to read and speak here on this last bastion of freedom - the Internet.