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New Silver Dime Trading cards highlighting the “Chalking 8″


Don’t Tread on Meme has launched a new line of silver dime trading cards in support of 8 Individuals arrested June 4th, 2011 for writing on public property with children chalk. The protest out side the Manchester NH police station was called for by local actives to point out two cases of police misconduct and brutality allegations made against the department. A few dozen chalked the sidewalk and building walls that day but 8 individuals have now had a costly and unconformable interaction with the state to pay for the “damage” they did. Large fines and jail time has been administered by the courts. Ademo Freeman a blogger and activist at could face up to two years in prison for chalking and resiting arrest when handcuffed by police. Outraged yet? I could go on about the incidence but this post is about how DTOM wants to help support good people who have broken bad laws. Asking for police accountability with once right to free speech in such a creative way really caught our eye and inspired us to make the “Chalking 8″ trading cards now listed on our etsy page. DTOM will be sending the chalking 8 a gift form our friends and family here in Arizona, Ross and I have put up 8 cards each and are challenging our friends to match us card for card before we send the gift out.

We have also partnered up with to offer listeners of Ernest Hancock's radio program to get cards shipped right to the chalking 8 at cost. If you would like to donate $FRN's to be turned into Cards and for those cards to be sent along the the 8. Check back for a chip in or tune in to Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock. January 18th to hear an interview with Pete Eyre and learn more about this evolving fundraiser.

Learn more about the chalking 8 case:

See the cards made from photos of great chalk art work.


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