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DEA agent wounds self, video goes viral, agent sues DEA, world laughs

• Wall Street Journal
Lee Paige sued his employer, the Drug Enforcement Administration, after video of the 2004 accident in Florida appeared in the news and went viral on the Internet. The video shows Paige shooting himself in the leg just as he displays his firearm and tells a gathering of about 50 youth and their parents, “I’m the only one in this room professional enough, that I know of, to carry this Glock 40.”
Paige claimed in his lawsuit that the DEA’s release of the video, taken by a parent attending the demonstration, invaded his privacy and ended his ability to work undercover or give motivational speeches. Paige, a former professional football player who worked at the DEA since 1990, said the release has also resulted in humiliating comments toward him and his family not only on television but at grocery stores and restaurants.

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Comment by tittiger
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This would also make a great commertial AGAINST affirmative action.  

Comment by tittiger
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 This was no accident. It shows the level of incompetence among the storm troopers known as the DEA.
I am disappointed the thug survived. It would be a fitting end for his locking non violent people in rape cages for a living.