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Ron Paul is the Only Electable Candidate for President by Szandor Blestman

The corporate controlled, establishment mass media would still have you believe that Ron Paul is some crazy fringe candidate. They still insist that he is unelectable despite his 3rd place finish in Iowa (one wonders how Santorum got so many votes there) and his second place finish in New Hampshire, and polls that have him doing very well against Obama. This despite the fact that the Republican Party leadership seem embarrassed by his presence and want to keep voters away from him more than the Dursleys wanted to keep Harry Potter away from their muggle relatives. When even those who count the votes have to admit to so many flocking to the eccentric family uncle one starts to wonder if maybe he has a real chance of gaining the Republican nod. It is, after all, a matter of numbers and if there is overwhelming support then even the most corrupt organization starts to worry about being too obvious with their cheating and fixing of elections.

Yes, there are those mindless individuals who still listen to the establishment pundits who tell them who they should vote for. There are still those who refuse to think for themselves and believe the talking heads on television, parroting their talking points. There are still those who let themselves be led by the nose and will stamp their feet and cry isolationists, racists, loss of security, terrorists racing to our shores, crippling the poor, uneducated children, and other such misrepresentations of ideas, but these people are becoming fewer. The corporate controlled establishment media is losing its grip when it comes to forming public opinion. More and more people have stopped listening to these sources and have started looking for alternative points of view. Why? People want the truth. They realize when they are being lied to. People are not as stupid as the establishment seems to think, and they are losing viewers and readership as a result.